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Endorsements & Pictures

Endorsements & Pictures

Angela L. Peterson Attorney

Jeff is a tremendous ally of Columbia and my true friend.

He joined Mid-Missouri Legal Services as an attorney in 2007, when we were changing leadership. Jeff helped legal aid grow while handling our Boone County cases. We developed new programs and provided thousands of Mid-Missourians with access to the legal system. Jeff’s contributions continue to help our community today.

Without pay, Jeff has given his time, effort and skills to advance civil rights causes that directly affect me, my family and the whole population.

He is a passionate, fierce advocate with an extraordinary knowledge of the law, its processes, procedures, intricacies, and  impact on the lives of everyday citizens.
His trial and appellate experience will serve him well in the legislature.  

The years of lessons from one-on-one interactions with a diverse array of people, often in crisis situations, will keep him grounded and focused.

To a certainty, Jeff is the best choice for Missouri's next representative for House District 50. 

Leigh Lockhart Columbia business owner & activist

I've known Jeff personally and professionally for 25 years and am excited he is running to represent the 50th District.

A skilled local attorney for 18 years, Jeff has been a reliable and hard working progressive and was actually the first person to file a petition to Restore Reproductive Rights in Missouri.

If you follow the MO legislature you know it is full of yahoos proposing rollbacks in our rights I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

Jeff is the kind of thoughtful, intelligent person that would work circles around them. We need a rep that is willing to fight hard, be smarter and have the legal experience necessary to turn the tide in Missouri. 

Bridgette Dunlap Attorney, Writer, Abortion rights activist

Jeff would be a tremendous representative ready to fight for women's rights.

He’s knowledgeable about the legal issues and his activism helped push the cause forward.

When I was a newcomer to Missouri, I came to know Jeff through his lawsuit aimed at clarifying when Missouri law allows signature collection for an initiative petition to begin. He was generous with his knowledge and time as I was learning the legal and political landscape.

He is a true advocate for women in our effort to restore reproductive rights.